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Good for the Environment

If you plan to leave a cleaner and greener environment for the future generation, then electric vehicles are the way forward. These cars reduce carbon emissions because the engines do not have to “burn” the fuel for combustion. There is no residue and as a result, no harmful gas is released back into the environment.  Moreover, EV charging stations can be powered by renewable energy, such as wind and hydro and solar power, thereby eliminating the pollution caused by fossil fuels like coal and oil



Cost Less to Drive

When you have an electric vehicle, you no longer have to depend on oil, which means you never have to worry about the rising gas prices. India, the world's third-largest oil importer. When you make the switch to electric cars, you spend only a fraction of this money because electricity can be generated locally.


Investment into Clean Energy

Alternate-fuel vehicles are good for the economy in many ways. Primarily, you don’t have to give your hard-earned money to the oil-producing countries when you drive a car. Instead, you can invest this money in your local economy to produce the clean energy sources such as wind and solar power to run the EV charging stations.


Reduced Noise and Heat

Another reason to buy an electric vehicle is so for the reduction in noise and heat. These clean and green machines produce only a fraction of the heat and noise generated by oil-based vehicles. This is because EVs do not have the pounding pistons that cause noise, especially at high speeds. Also, since these cars use their energy more efficiently, they do not generate a lot of heat as waste.

Drive Better

An alternate fuel car simply drives better. It has fewer moving parts than a gasoline car, therefore giving you 100 percent of torque from the get go. When accelerating, there is a noticeable difference since these beauties lack a transmission. These cars also employ regenerative braking which means when you let off the accelerator the car brakes as it recaptures the energy into the battery. So unless you need to brake very sharply, you don’t need to touch the brake pedal.